I love to celebrate my birthday; I go all out. On February 2nd I’ll be another year older. I’m starting to think I should remove young from my bio, because I’m beginning to feel like it’s a lie. :D

Anyway, I’d love to get emails from fans wishing me a great birthday, or just saying hello. You can wish my husband a happy birthday, too, because they’re supper close (only 4 days apart) and we always party together.

Also, after Valentine’s Day, I hope to start working on a new free book for my website. We’ll see. I’m pretty bad at sticking to deadlines, but thrive if I don’t give myself any. :) I’ll certainly try to write a new free book as soon as possible. It’s overdue, in my opinion.

Love to all my fans,

Kelsey Charisma
After being sick forever, if one long month is forever, I’m finally feeling better, and have a lot to talk about.

So, here we go. If you haven’t noticed, a bunch of authors got together to make a collaborated bundle of 19 books. It’s work we’ve already written, and we decided to put in one place so readers can read a sample of our work. The first book is $0.99. There will be two more books, one coming out mid-February and the last in mid-March!

Here is the Amazon link to Taboo Greatest Hits:


Also, Nicole Snow and I each wrote a book for “Kept Women” and bundled them together, and it’s now FREE! Thank you for asking Amazon to price match! We wrote this for you, our fans, so please grab your free copy! This book will always remain free, so no rush. Hope you enjoy and here is the Amazon link to that free book:


Lastly, I have a new book out! It’s called “Saving His Little Hooker.” I’ve wanted to write a prostitute book for some time, but I didn’t know how to write it and still make the characters likeable. I personally don’t like reading books that have really offensive heroes and heroines. I want to enjoy everything about the book—including the sex; so no worries, it’s hot!

This book is now available on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. You can read about it on my Title Selection page or on this Amazon direct link:


By the way, this is my 50th book! I can’t believe it! How have I come up with so many awesome, dirty stories? I don’t know! I honestly have no idea how I’ve cum up with so many; I guess it’s my dirty mind. ;)

Love to you all,


My book “One Night on a Train” now has a Spanish version, “Una noche en un Tren”.

I’m trying to make it free on Amazon and B&N, but that takes time—and fans asking these companies to price match.

As a self-publisher, I think it’s pretty cool to have a book in another language! I never thought I would, but it’s up! :) “Una noche en un Tren” wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for a fan offering to translate it. She even said she'd rewrite it in Spanish for free! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Because it didn’t cost me anything to translate, I am, of course, trying to make it free. ;)

Thank you everyone for still following me, this is going on my third year of writing, and I still love my career! Thank you for making this job so fun!