Last night I’m published Socially Unacceptable, and I guess I can no longer sell worldwide under $2.99 because of new VAT law issued by the EU. I haven’t put out a book in more than a half a year, so I apologize for not knowing about this VAT law and saying I’d offer this collection for $0.99. I will not be able to uphold that promise, because I have a lot of international fans who want this box set. However, it will still be free for Kindle Unlimited users for three months. For those of you who do not have Kindle Unlimited, I will make the book free for the five days Amazon allows me to give it away to my fans. I hope to start my giveaway Friday Jan. 23. The only thing that could stop that is if Amazon considers my cover or content too scandalous. Hopefully all of my fans read their email and gets their free copy. If not, I will honor the $0.99 price for another week. After that, I will change the price so my fans worldwide can read Socially Unacceptable.

This anthology is six stories, over 70,000 words in total, and all super hot pseudo-incest stories between daddies and their daughters and/or brothers and sisters.

I was very nervous that after stepping away from erotica for so long I wouldn’t write as well as before. (In fact, I’m always nervous my last great story was my last great story—but that’s what makes me try my hardest.) So I’m greatly relieved that I love, love, LOVE all the shorts in this compilation! They are so hot and ones I’ll reread. I like this box set so much that I even want to make it into a paperback book. Because this collected work is for all my fans who have not forgotten me, I will sell this soft cover as inexpensively as I can. Unless some internet tax arises or something unforeseen like that, I will also never raise the price of the eBook version above $2.99. I want it read, and hopefully well accepted by my fans that have stuck with me for almost three years now!

Thank you so much! I owe all my success to my fans, and for that I’m grateful! Thank you for understanding about the price change, too. Believe me; I’m as disappointed as you! But I promise you that you’ll love this book. It’s very smexy! ;) Hope you all read this blog in time to get it free! :D

Oh, almost forgot—I will not be able to put this book up anywhere but on Amazon for another 90 days until my Kindle Unlimited contract is fulfilled.

—Kelsey Charisma