I am fanning myself off, and sniggering about this cover. It’s really sexy! So sexy, I am nervous the cover will block my book, but I have to try it anyway (because I think it’s beautiful art). Other than that slight anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach, I’m so excited to share this with you.

I wrote about a girl and her daddy’s best friend, and it was so hot I wonder why I don’t have twenty more books about the taboo relationship. I discovered, while writing this hot story, that it can be even more fun than a daddy daughter relationship. Shocking! I know! I thought nothing was sexier than that, but daddy’s best friend opens up a whole new world of forbidden and naughty.

The concept was extremely erotic for me. But I won’t lie; I had to rewrite it a few times to get it perfect. Finally, after weeks, I can now share it knowing you’ll thoroughly enjoy all the nights I spent brainstorming with my husband. ;)

If you want to see the cover, check out “Kelsey’s Title Selection” page. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you! If you’ve never read my free book “Don’t Daddy”, it’s now up on my website under “Free Short Story”.

—Kelsey Charisma