For those dying for another one of my erotic shorts…I’m finally publishing another book! It’s seems like forever ago, but it’s only been a month. But I really wanted to get one out there before my birthday. So here it is!

My latest is called “Charming Him”, and this is a really hot book, with a lot of buildup. I loved writing the scene about her getting stuck in the teddy! It’s so sexy, will make you want them to just go at it, but this is a long 16,500 + word book, so I obviously draw it out. No worries, the sex is hot and will be well worth the wait! I try to do something different with every sex scene, and this one…so good! All you little spinners out there will want to try it! And those of you who aren’t tiny like me, but are tall with legs for days and can’t do acrobatics in bed, we can fantasize! LOL

Happy reading!


Ever since I wrote “In Times of War”, it’s been my favorite, because the story is touching and I learned a lot when writing it. I’ve re-read it many times. Usually, I just read my original Word document, but I decided to publish the book in paperback form. I love it that much! I’d like a tangible copy. That’s why I’m blogging about it, because I’m planning on putting the Amazon reviews inside the book as acclaims. If you left a review on Amazon for “In Times of War”, and do not want your review in my book, please let me know. I don’t have a way to email you to ask, so I’m hoping this blog will reach you. I’ll hold off on publishing it for a month, but even if you are one of the three who left a review and find this blog years down the road, and don’t want the review in the book, let me know at any time. I can easily take it out. However, because it’s anonymous and not defaming, I can by law publish it without consent, so if I don’t hear anything, I’ll keep the reviews in the book. But it doesn’t sit well with me to just go ahead with publishing reviews without at least attempting to ask permission…so I’m blogging, hoping I’m reaching out to the three.

Fingers crossed!