First, let me say thank you for all the birthday wishes through email and on Facebook. I didn’t celebrate big like I usually do. And since my husband’s birthday is only days before mine, I’m good on cake for the rest of the year. :)

And now without further ado…here is my next story—“Shameless”! Every once in awhile I write a short that is so full of sexy plot, and I like the characters so much I don’t want to let go of the story; I’d love to keep adding to “Shameless”. Pearl is addicted to sex, and Gregory quietly hates watching her run around with all these men. But I won’t say more about that, because I almost gave away spoilers by accident. My point is, I love this story! It’s so romantic, and steaming hot.

If you’re in the mood for seriously hot sex AND romance, you’ll love “Shameless”. This erotica I’ll read again, and I’m not even going to say I’ll never write more about them. I love their chemistry. I love how wild Pearl is, and she needs a guy to tame her with lots of sex. But I’ll let you read it to find out if Gregory is enough of a man to keep her.

Hope you enjoy “Shameless” as much as I did writing it.

—Kelsey Charisma