I wrote a romantic erotica with lots of tension between the hero and heroine. Even though the plot is a bit different than my usual style, I love this book! True to MY character, though, there is a lot of sexy talk and descriptive smut. In other words, it’s so good! I think His to Take will be a new favorite for a lot of my fans, because it is mine. Oh, and did I mention it’s long? This story is 16,000 plus words. You’ll LOVE it, so be on the lookout.

I’m uploading it today to Nook and Smashwords, but I put it on Amazon last night. So, give it 24 hours for Nook. In the mean time, you can check out my newest novella by visiting my Title Selection page. Hopefully by now you’ve all read my free book on my website, too, but if not, you can while you wait for His to Take.

Happy reading! ;)

—Kelsey Charisma

P.S. I’m jumping back into The Inland Slave today. It’s 13,000 words in, so I’m halfway done…I think. So far I love what I wrote! It’s sexy!

Yum! Sleep sex is so hot. I had a blast writing this naughty book, and LOVED sharing it with my husband! I think you’ll really get into “Taken in Her Sleep” so I’m really excited to share. Don’t forget to act it out! ;) YUM!

To look at the cover and read the blurb, check out the book description on my Title Selection page. :)

What am I doing next? Today, I’m getting back into my Inland Slave series. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve published book 2! Where did the time go? How do I not have hate mail poring in? I have great fans—that’s why! My life was turned upside down last year, still is crazy, so thank you for your patience!