The next, coveted Inland Slave book is finally out! I’m sorry it took so long to finish part 3! I’ve already started the last book because I’m still excited about this story and have all the passion I need to keep it going. But back to Pursue: The Inland Slave, it’s STEAMING HOT! There is A TON of sex in it! I won’t lie, my husband said there was too much sex, but since I write erotica I’ll pretend that’s a compliment. Besides, if people haven’t seen their lovers in awhile, they make up for lost time; but that’s all I’ll say about that, or I might give away spoilers.

I hope you all love Pursue: The Inland Slave: Book 3, and think it’s worth the wait! I love, love, love Felix and Katja’s romance, so hopefully that shows! I did my best!

I’m excited to finish writing book 4 and put this in a single paperback book. I’m going to make it as inexpensive as I possibly can, too, because I know with four books it adds up. If you put off purchasing any of these, please do. All four will be $7.99 in a single eBook. However, if you can’t wait because of the cliffhanger end of Release…details for the book are on Kelsey’s Title Selection page if you want to read the blurb.

Okay, off to write Obey: The Inland Slave: Book 4! Wish me luck I finish soon and stay excited about it! Writers block is the worst. Ugh! :)