Considering I don’t have a single bi bone in my body, it was very hard
to write “Soft (A Lesbian Love Story)”. But my husband really liked it, and when
I am not sure how I fared, I ask him what he thinks. Like any man, he loved the
girl-on-girl action, and said the sex is hot. Mission accomplished! I wrote a
lesbian erotica for him. Hope you all enjoy his most requested subject since I
began writing erotica stories for him.
I don’t know how this happened with my rank in the 9,000s but I’ll take it! ;) “Daddy’s Bachelor Party: A Vegas Tell-All” is in the top 100!

A special thanks for leaving a review, being a devoted fan, and saying I write "some of the best and hottest erotica shorts to be found on kindle"! I feel loved! :D

I just wrote the hottest book! I’ve never written anything with handcuffs, but—WOW—so fun! I know you’ll love it. My stamp of approval is on this book, and so is my husband’s. We thoroughly enjoyed. ;)

Check out the cover and blurb on my Title Selection page if you’re curious.


It feels like it’s been forever since I wrote a daddy book! I just published “A Daughter for the Eccentric Billionaire,” and from my point of view it’s very...eccentric. However, my husband said he liked it as is, so I didn’t change a thing. I hope you like the book! ;)

You can see the blurb and cover on my Title Selection page.

I’m shocking myself today because I opened a Facebook and Twitter
account! I added links on this blog and my Contact Kelsey page. I’m fairly certain I added the links correctly, but give me a few days to figure it out in case I didn’t.