Did you notice my title to my newest book is not “A Brother’s Weakness
(Foot Fetish)”, but is called “Weakness (Foot Fetish)”? It’s because Amazon has
a strict new policy of not using the words brother, sister, daddy, daughter,
breed, or other key erotica words. My first version was blocked, and after
tweaking, I was able to publish “Weakness (Foot Fetish)”. Unfortunately, I can
no longer make it obvious I write pseudo-incest, and even after adding a
warning above my bio, I’m sure some people will get a rude shock when they
start reading about a stepdad milking his barley legal stepdaughter he got
pregnant after one drunken night when mistaking her for his wife…now there’s a

Anyway, point being, I will be redoing a lot of covers, titles, and descriptions to get them up to standards in the coming days and weeks. Thank you for being patient with me while I mess with my website and books.


I have a new fetish book! I just uploaded “A Brother’s Weakness (Foot Fetish)”. It’s a hot read, but the fetish is what brings the stepsiblings together and doesn’t play a major role in the book. However, it’s H-O-triple T!

For those who don’t regularly stalk my Facebook page or Twitter…I’m going to take down the free book on my website and replace it with a Christmas book in a few days. Then I’m going to write a new free book by the end of the year. So, visit my website before December 25th and then again after the New Year. :)

In the mean time, please check out the blurb and book cover on my Title Selection page. :)
My editor sent back "Keep Me Daddy" and I made the changes, but I hate
the book. LOL So, I decided to pull it soon, and I’m going to put up a Christmas
book I wrote a long time ago, but never published. That will give me time to
write another free book. I think every year or two I’ll write a new website book
and leave it up long enough to give people time to read it. So, come back soon
to read “Getting Off Santa’s Naughty List”, and then from now on I’ll try to
have a new book every once in awhile. :)

This book is intense from being to end, but after writing a lesbian
love story I apparently need a good, hard romp with a man. :) I can’t believe
  how quickly I wrote this, but I sat down and in two days pumped it out. It was
  sizzling hot to write, and I couldn’t stop! Now it’s time to share. Hope you
  love it!