I wanted to name my newest book, “Penny and Her Pet Penis”, but I didn’t want to see if Amazon would block the word penis and went the safe route. Don’t let the humor in this book throw you off into thinking it’s not hot. After not publishing for over a month, I had some frustrations to vent, and got it all on paper. This is what I came up with. “Penny and Her Peculiar Problems” is a humorous book about a conscious cock. The ending has a twist that I don’t think anyone will see coming. Hope you all  enjoy! I DID!!!!

—Kelsey Charisma

I made my first YouTube video for my books! I spent all day creating
  it, having fun, and this is what I came up with.


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Have you noticed that erotica titles are disappearing off electronic shelves from Amazon
to Kobo? It’s because of a few negative articles painting some erotica as graphic rape. In fact, 3 of my books were claimed to have rape, which is completely preposterous. The books were “Daddy’s Invisible Condom,” “In Too Deep With My Daughter,” and “Caught Watching Daddy’s Homemade Porn.” Here are the articles where the reporters states all these books are rape, where my books are named, and I know the allegations to be untrue.




 After these articles many more have surfaced, and not just Kobo and Amazon are banning books by the hundreds! If readers don’t email these companies and demand a better solution than deleting all erotica, I see this continuing, and more books disappearing. Already authors are talking about the point in continuing in their careers if our work will not be sold. What is the point?

So, please help us spread the word by talking about this on Facebook and Twitter, and
contacting companies like Amazon.

Also, here is a blog from my friend Selena Kitt. I liked it and thought I’d share.


—Kelsey Charisma

I am so thankful to all my fans for following me the last two years! Since September 28, 2012 when Amazon began its author ranking, I’ve been on the top 100 list except a morning here or there.

I had a goal to remain on the top 100 for a year, and thanks to my loyal fans, I achieved it. I have a new goal now. I’d like to take a break to finish my series “The Inland Slave” and also write “The Perfect Curvy 10”. No worries, I’ll still publish my sexy shorts when I have an itch.  ;)

I’m still going to upload my free Christmas book on my website once I’ve re-upload all my new covers, so please be looking for it. Then next year I plan to replace it with another free book.

Thank you for reading so much of my work, and still liking my stories after 46! You’re all the best!

Much love,

—Kelsey Charisma