I freaking love this book—fifty explanation points! “Bareback” so hot, and there is so much sex with a ton of tension. Writing this story kept me hot for weeks, and will still be a fantasy long after publishing it. I began this story a year ago, forgot what I called it, and after pulling up my entire collection of unfinished books (taking up half my day) I found it! When I read it through to know where I left off, it was even hotter than I remembered, and I already knew it was smoking! “Bareback” is deliciously wicked! If you don’t read any other Kelsey Charisma book this year, but one, you have to read this short. It’s now one of my top five favorites, and I’m confident you’ll love this sexy story, too. I’m giddy to share, and literally giggling when thinking about all the people about to read this naughty book. You’re all taking cold showers tonight. LOL

Oh, and how gorgeous it the man on this cover? Yum! (See “Kelsey’s Title Selection” page to see him)