I just got an email from a fan asking about the next book, but when I
tried to reply, the email didn’t work…so I’m blogging. To C.A. who is wondering about The Inland Slave:
Sorry the next book isn't already out! I’m working on it, and to there is definitely more to come. I have a ton of ideas in my head, but unfortunately it’s about other books. However, emails from fans saying they wish for more certainly makes me want to delve back in and write some more about Felix! I’ll work on it today. :) I have at least four books planned, but it will be longer than that.



04/06/2014 2:05pm

I hope the next installment comes out soon -- I've gotten quite attached to both Felix and Katja -- and hope things work out for them.

Kelsey Charisma
04/06/2014 4:40pm

Hi! I’m definitely writing a book 3 & 4 for my fans, even though this series never really took off. I already have the entire story outlined, and love what will happen with Felix and Katja’s story. I’m working on it, and promise to publish it as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience.


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