Did you notice my title to my newest book is not “A Brother’s Weakness
(Foot Fetish)”, but is called “Weakness (Foot Fetish)”? It’s because Amazon has
a strict new policy of not using the words brother, sister, daddy, daughter,
breed, or other key erotica words. My first version was blocked, and after
tweaking, I was able to publish “Weakness (Foot Fetish)”. Unfortunately, I can
no longer make it obvious I write pseudo-incest, and even after adding a
warning above my bio, I’m sure some people will get a rude shock when they
start reading about a stepdad milking his barley legal stepdaughter he got
pregnant after one drunken night when mistaking her for his wife…now there’s a

Anyway, point being, I will be redoing a lot of covers, titles, and descriptions to get them up to standards in the coming days and weeks. Thank you for being patient with me while I mess with my website and books.




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