I am so thankful to all my fans for following me the last two years! Since September 28, 2012 when Amazon began its author ranking, I’ve been on the top 100 list except a morning here or there.

I had a goal to remain on the top 100 for a year, and thanks to my loyal fans, I achieved it. I have a new goal now. I’d like to take a break to finish my series “The Inland Slave” and also write “The Perfect Curvy 10”. No worries, I’ll still publish my sexy shorts when I have an itch.  ;)

I’m still going to upload my free Christmas book on my website once I’ve re-upload all my new covers, so please be looking for it. Then next year I plan to replace it with another free book.

Thank you for reading so much of my work, and still liking my stories after 46! You’re all the best!

Much love,

—Kelsey Charisma



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