It’s been two months since I published a book that wasn’t written as a free novella for fans. I’ve really slowed down writing, and I’m not sure I like rarely publishing. Behind the scenes though, I’ve almost completed “The Curvy Perfect 10” but ran out of steam a while ago. It’s hard for me to write by list of chores, especially erotica. It’s supposed to be words of passion, so when I don’t feel the heat, the book inches along slowly. I want to write my best, which is why the next Inland Slave isn’t out.

This book, however, “Finish Deep,” I enjoyed immensely, and I think it shows. I wrote it in only a few days, and edited rather quickly. I still love it, and I’m excited to share. It’s hot, and the relationship is intense. Hope you all love the story as much as me.

I think you all know by now how to find my book covers and blurb (on the Title Selection Page). Have fun snooping around, and if you don’t hear from me, happy New Year! :D




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