I’m excited to be in a bundle with another author! I’ve wanted to do this for over a year! Together, Nicole Snow and I, wrote Kept Women: Two Fertile Submissive Stories. I’ve never actually written a breeding book, but found the idea super hot. Hopefully, I did the kink justice. The book is $0.99 right now, but we’re trying to make it free. If you want to buy the books now, feel free, but I won’t see a penny of that money. If you want to help us make it free, the process to tell Amazon the book is free on Smashwords is simple.

To take you to the book, click the Amazon link to the book:


Before you select the option tell us about a lower price, under the sellers rank, copy this URL which you’ll need:


Hopefully the book will be free within days to two-three weeks. :)

On another note, I know I’ve slowed down writing erotica. I’ll be publishing “Finish Deep” within 2 weeks. I’ll send out another newsletter for that soon. It’s finished. I simply need to find the time to edit it. With New Years Eve approaching and a bottle of 2002 Les Échanson calling my name, I’ll going to take my time enjoying it. ;)

For those who wonder what this book looks like, it's on my selection page. Also, here is the longer blurb. :D

Some women seek adventure and careers. Others just want to be kept.

This erotic romance set spotlights two strict, wealthy Doms, and the submissives who become their dark obsessions. Curiosity brings them into their boss’ embraces. Lust, hard pleasure, and pure baby making heat keeps them there forever...

Under His Control—Nicole Snow: April took a Baltic cruise to escape a life gone off track. Wealthy, powerful, and irresistible, Nicholas Voroshlov’s job offer is just the re-boot she needs.

Except this Russian Dom isn’t looking for a hired hand to make life easier. He’s out for a submissive to keep, soft flesh to ravage and spank, a fertile womb to forge a bigger family. To April, it’s perfect! Too bad sweet baby making submission draws serious danger...


Whatever He Wants—Kelsey Charisma: No nonsense Mr. Callaway is strict, intense, and wickedly skilled in manipulation and punishment. When he confesses to wanting her, Jane isn’t convinced it’s true love.

Before consenting to have his baby, she needs to know the depth of his feelings, and how far he’ll go to make her his kept woman...

An all new book with two complete stories by Kelsey Charisma and Nicole Snow!



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