I’m so excited to share this book. Writing “18 & ‘Innocent’” reminded me how much I love the playful, taking advantage of type books. Of course they want to be taken advantage of, so it’s playful and fun to read. The sex is always hotter when I write these! I know you’ll love it.

Check out my Title Selection page to see the cover and read the blurb. I just posted the book on Amazon, Nook, and Smashwords, so it will be another 12-24 hours before it’s available. ;)

—Love From Kelsey



10/31/2014 2:01pm

Whew! Loved ths one...so HOT and intense!!!! This book and INVISIBLE CONDOM are my favs so far....

Patiently waiting for new books to come. Btw....your short story DON'T DADDY is soooo good. Thanks for the free treat!

Kelsey Charisma
11/01/2014 5:54pm

Thank you! I’m thrilled you love my stories! I’ll post my free Christmas book this month, so please come back to read that one, too. :)


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