I wrote two new books. One I recently published called “Secrets”. It a fantasy I’ve had for a while now about a boy and a girl growing up thinking their twins, but because they’re not, they have intense chemistry. They’ve spent years telling each other secret thoughts, and they know each other very well, especially how to please one another.

My second book coming soon (next week) is “18 & ‘Innocent’”. It’s so hot! The mom is in total denial, the stepdad and daughter get away with way too much, and it’s one of my lighthearted fun books I love so much! I think I write those a lot better than my serious short stories. I LOVED writing this one. Can’t wait to share!

You can see the cover and read the blurb to “Secrets” on my Title Selection Page. Also, don’t forget to read my new free book on my Free Short Story page. Have a great weekend!




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