Every time I sit down to write, I stare at a white screen. After sitting for so long, blank as the document in front of me, I get bored and eventually leave my office. And even though I miss the creativity in imagining new people, I cannot seem to make my thoughts flow beyond a paragraph or a page. Believe me, though, I’ll try, and try, and try again. By now, I hoped I’d be publishing, but instead of cranking out stories, I’m rarely in the mood to focus for a full day on sexy smut. In the last week, however, I’ve actually been thinking about a story that has held my interest longer than an hour. That’s a good sign—I hope. I’m eager to finish my Inland Slave series and publish some more shorts as soon as I get over this hump. Pun intended. ;) When I do, and I will, I have a couple books waiting to be edited, too. I simply wish I had that love for erotica so I knew I was putting my best work out there.

I know you’re all eagerly waiting. Thank you for being patient and not forgetting about me. Sometime this month, I’ll try to post my free Christmas story on my website for those who recently discovered Kelsey Charisma and never read “Getting Off Santa’s Naughty List”, and for fans who want to read it again. :) Regrettably, I don’t plan to publish anything else this year (2014), unless I’m suddenly hit with the writing bug. Fingers crossed!

Love to all my fans,

—Kelsey Charisma



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