It’s finally here! I have another book out! “Separation Anxiety” is super hot, and twice as long as my usual stories. Jam packed full of sexy build up from the beginning, and then BAM, the characters jump straight into the good stuff! You’re going to love the sexy phone call, I guarantee it! There is no wait, so you can read it tonight!

For those who have been waiting to read Socially Unacceptable at no charge, I’ll soon blog for help from anyone willing to ask Amazon to price match. Also, please, please, please grab a copy of “One Night on a Train” while it’s still available at no cost. Even if you’re not sure you’ll read it, one day you may change your mind and won’t have to pay for it. :)

In the mean time, you can read “Separation Anxiety” to tide you over. It’s so hot! I had a blast writing it! ;)




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