This holiday weekend, I was on fire! I wrote TWO books, and edited one of them. They’re both smoking hot! I’m so excited to publish these and have you read them! But, this summer I’m yet again taking time off to recoup, but no worries, I will still be publishing because I have a few I’ve been holding onto knowing these hot months I’ll want to do a lot of boating, partying, and having fun. FYI, I love water sports and the outdoors in general. ;D

“The Girl Next Door” is a super sexy story about a teenage girl who invites a guy over to tease her voyeur neighbor. I love the dynamic between Kirby and Yvonne, because he’s so into her and what they’re doing. So hot! I guarantee you’ll love it.

And you’ll love “Anything for a Lollypop” coming out sometime this summer! I could not get through writing it without stopping for a cool down break, if you know what I mean. ;)

Oh, and Socially Unacceptable will be free from May 29-June 2, so grab a copy. I will take it off Kindle Unlimited July 21, as I wanted to do last month, but I didn’t know I had to disenroll. Live and learn…

Have a wonderful summer everyone!




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