Apparently I LOVE my daddy on daughter dirty erotica, because the second I move onto something different, I turn right back around and get into my taboo shorts. This is another story I indulged in! After finishing The Inland Slave, I needed…this book. I actually wrote it months ago, and loved it then, and editing it the second time around was twice as fun. It’s super sexy, and I love their chemistry.

Hope you love it!


Because the link in the comments doesn’t take anyone directly to Amazon, here it is again:



08/16/2015 4:20pm

Where can I purchase this? I tried Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords and I can't find it... :/

Kelsey Charisma
08/17/2015 11:16am

Sorry, I was out of town all weekend, and didn’t get this until now. But you can buy this book on Amazon through this link:
Hope this helps, and you like the book!


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