Obey is the last book in the Inland Slave series, and it’s bitter sweet to publish. I’ll miss Felix and Katja. I get attached to my characters, but that is typical for any author. :)

Anyway, the ending, I hope, isn’t what you think it will be, but I somehow brought a conclusion to the story without adding another book. I’m not sure I’d call it a twist ending, but the last chapter moves quickly. I love the Epilogue; with it, the book doesn’t feel rushed to me. But next time I say a series will only be 4 books, I better have written the entire thing first, because I could have added a lot more to this series. But true to my word, I ended it at four so the set doesn’t cost a lot. :)

I also, as promised, made a single eBook that has all four parts to the series in one, and I’m working on a paperback! I will price the paperback as low as possible.

I want to thank all the fans for loving this series. I wouldn’t have continued the story if I didn’t get so many emails asking for more, and knowing the rest was fun for me to discover. I hope you all love the adventure as much as I did!




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