Finally, what I’ve been waiting for! Socially Unacceptable is now free on Barnes and Noble, which means Amazon is more likely to do the same. So, I’m blogging one more time, hoping you’ll ask Amazon to price match since I cannot make that request.

If you go to my eBook on Amazon, you can then click tell us about a lower price, and then they should have this book free within a few days or weeks. Here is the link to my book:

Once you’ve clicked tell us about a lower price, it will ask where you saw it free. Choose the website (online) option, then copy and paste this URL:;jsessionid=EAA09EA3276DCCA216FFA5E719AE8F2F.prodny_store02-atgap03?ean=2940152057843

The price and shipping cost is $0.00, and after you enter that, please submit feedback. Then all we have to do is wait until Amazon FINALLY makes this collection free. I can’t wait! It’s been forever!

Thank you so much! I wanted to give away this eBook since I first published it. I’m sorry it’s taking so long. I hope you can get this book free soon!

FYI, once Socially Unacceptable is free, I’ll start charging $0.99 for “One Night on a Train”. If you want “One Night on a Train” at no cost, get it now. :D

Thank you again! —Kelsey



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