I’ve always wanted to write a BDSM book, but I’m vanilla, and never claimed to be anything more; I put off writing this genre for that very reason. Through the years, though, my tastes have changed—probably due to all the porn I watch or the erotica I write. ;) Nonetheless, I finally got to a place where I feel I could write BDSM and do it justice. Even though my story isn’t about leaving lasting marks, it’s dominant, sexy, and just the right amount of kinky. So even if you’re not into whips and chains, I think you’ll love it. But if crops and spanking benches are your thing, then you will definitely love Stella’s trip to a dungeon.

This is a very sensual story, and I like how Jude isn’t this cruel, callous hero, but someone who genuinely cares about Stella enjoying the process. Like I did, I think you’ll get sucked in, and love every word.

Happy reading!



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