I am in love with this book. It’s 6000+ words of nonstop sexy. “Gotta Touch, Wanna Play” is hot from the beginning and doesn’t cool down. The taboo relationship between daddy and daughter plus the brother is smoking. I love stories where you get away with guileful sex. It’s not just a forbidden pseudo-incest story, but this short also teases another fine line of how far is too far before receiving consent. Lately I’ve been crazy into ménage à trios and I’m sure you’ll like where this book leads if you want a seriously hot romp, two guys on a girl threesome.

I’m reading this again tonight! ;) Hope you join me, and love it as much as I know I will!

—Kelsey Charisma



05/06/2016 9:13am

Throughly aroused from this sexy sexy story... I'm feeling really nice, really good. This story makes me want to play...

05/07/2016 3:39pm

I'm glad you loved the story, Rob! It was fun to write! :)


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