I’ve never had a request from a fan before, but this topic came to me over the weekend, and I said I’d give it a try. I have to say I sat down thinking it would be a challenge, but I really loved it—so much that I wrote this short story in record time! It’s not short though; it’s over 19,000 words! “Mrs. Robinson” is about a younger man and older woman. It’s super kinky, and because it hit a lot of my taboo buttons, I had to turn around and write Garrett as a headstrong guy needing to dominate despite his age; because I love dominant men! But who doesn’t love a boy toy every now and then, and Mrs. Gwendoline Robinson does have a very naughty fantasy about ruling over him, making him a play thing. It’s yummy! So, in other words, it’s smoking hot, especially if you’ve ever had a fantasy of breastfeeding, because that’s in this story.

Also, I do want to say, too, if you drop me an email asking for a certain plot, please don’t be offended if I decline. Please don’t take it personal. I have to be in the mood and get into it to make it good, and I’m into an idea one minute and not the next. I have like 150 unfinished erotica shorts just waiting for me to get to. So, yeah, that’s a lot I need to finish! Thanks for understanding! ;)






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