In response to my book Socially Unacceptable reaching number two on Amazon’s top 100 Free Erotica list, I decided I needed to publish as soon as possible. Luckily, I had this jewel just waiting for a good time for me to publish it, and that occasion is now. So, yeah! I wrote a steamy short story called “Gifts for Favors”! Kinky for sure, and so is the story. It’s about an eighteen-year-old girl who likes her adopted daddy giving her gifts in exchange for special requests. Ever since Krissa started this dicker by asking for money for a kiss, and she Frenched him deep, poor Kaynen has been tortured with too much teasing and not enough action. She feels really bad about it. ;)

“Gifts for Favors” is a nice long story with lots of naughty stuff. You’ll love it! I promise! Enjoy the read! And thank you again for leaving reviews on my books! I have the best fans!

—Kelsey Charisma



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