I had the best Sunday ever! Socially Unacceptable reached number two, and of course I’m tickled pink! None of my books have ever done so well! I was ecstatic to wake up and find it was number two, but then this morning I checked my phone again and to my shock and delight Socially Unacceptable is still the second book on the top 100 free chart!

I’m thrilled, and I just have to say thank you to all my fans! Without you, your reviews, word of mouth, and buying my books, I wouldn’t be this successful! This collection wouldn’t be a bestselling book. I wrote it for all my fans, and it’s doing so well! Thank you for all your support! Thank you for your reviews! Thank you for telling everyone about my latest erotica! Thank you for faithfully purchasing my stories! JUST THANK YOU! I truly am so appreciative of my fans! I have the best people following me!

Love to all my fans! I promise to publish soon, as soon as I can sit still again, but that’s near impossible while I’m this ecstatic!

Hope you are all having as good as a day as me!





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