I’m so in love with my newest book “Naked Art”. It’s so touching, and not just between the hero and the heroine, but also the heroine and her mom. Not very often, I write something, surprising myself by how emotional the scene becomes. The ending of this short is very sweet. The romance is tender, between Justin and Tiffany, two artists introduced through her mom. I just love to mix devotion with passion in my erotica, and this story has both. Really, everything about this book I love, from the cover to content inside. As always, I did my best to make the sex smoldering hot. You will not be disappointed there! This is a lengthy novella, over 19,000 plus words, and full of nudity, foreplay, and a very wild ride. It will see you through to the big finish and maybe inspire more fantasies of your own.

If you’re curious about the cover and book description, you can see it on my Title Selection page. Happy reading! ;)



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