To All My Fans;

First let me say thank you for sticking with me throughout the years, and showing your support with encouraging emails, buying my books, and leaving inspiring reviews on my books. I am so grateful! Because of all of you I feel like a real author, and not just some indie-author pretending I can write. I’ve grown a lot in my prose, and enjoyed these last 5 years, but I’m going to hang up my erotica hat from here on out. I was extremely fortunate to spend 2 years on the top 100 author list, and have a few of my books make best sellers, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. So thank you!!!!!

I wish I had one last book to publish before I go, but I’m very burnt out and frustrated that 3 of my Kelliana Corsette books were blocked. That is what made me decide now is the time to bow out. I had fun, enjoyed sharing, I know I did my best, and now I can drop the mic while saying goodbye.

So thank you, and best of wishes to you all!


P.S. Also, so there are no more surprises, I will be taking all of my books down in a couple months. If you want to get one you haven’t read yet, please don’t waist too much time. :)



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