To All My Fans;

First let me say thank you for sticking with me throughout the years, and showing your support with encouraging emails, buying my books, and leaving inspiring reviews on my books. I am so grateful! Because of all of you I feel like a real author, and not just some indie-author pretending I can write. I’ve grown a lot in my prose, and enjoyed these last 5 years, but I’m going to hang up my erotica hat from here on out. I was extremely fortunate to spend 2 years on the top 100 author list, and have a few of my books make best sellers, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. So thank you!!!!!

I wish I had one last book to publish before I go, but I’m very burnt out and frustrated that 3 of my Kelliana Corsette books were blocked. That is what made me decide now is the time to bow out. I had fun, enjoyed sharing, I know I did my best, and now I can drop the mic while saying goodbye.

So thank you, and best of wishes to you all!


P.S. Also, so there are no more surprises, I will be taking all of my books down in a couple months. If you want to get one you haven’t read yet, please don’t waist too much time. :)

For those dying for another one of my erotic shorts…I’m finally publishing another book! It’s seems like forever ago, but it’s only been a month. But I really wanted to get one out there before my birthday. So here it is!

My latest is called “Charming Him”, and this is a really hot book, with a lot of buildup. I loved writing the scene about her getting stuck in the teddy! It’s so sexy, will make you want them to just go at it, but this is a long 16,500 + word book, so I obviously draw it out. No worries, the sex is hot and will be well worth the wait! I try to do something different with every sex scene, and this one…so good! All you little spinners out there will want to try it! And those of you who aren’t tiny like me, but are tall with legs for days and can’t do acrobatics in bed, we can fantasize! LOL

Happy reading!


Ever since I wrote “In Times of War”, it’s been my favorite, because the story is touching and I learned a lot when writing it. I’ve re-read it many times. Usually, I just read my original Word document, but I decided to publish the book in paperback form. I love it that much! I’d like a tangible copy. That’s why I’m blogging about it, because I’m planning on putting the Amazon reviews inside the book as acclaims. If you left a review on Amazon for “In Times of War”, and do not want your review in my book, please let me know. I don’t have a way to email you to ask, so I’m hoping this blog will reach you. I’ll hold off on publishing it for a month, but even if you are one of the three who left a review and find this blog years down the road, and don’t want the review in the book, let me know at any time. I can easily take it out. However, because it’s anonymous and not defaming, I can by law publish it without consent, so if I don’t hear anything, I’ll keep the reviews in the book. But it doesn’t sit well with me to just go ahead with publishing reviews without at least attempting to ask permission…so I’m blogging, hoping I’m reaching out to the three.

Fingers crossed!


I’m so excited to get one more book out before Christmas! I wanted to say something in my last blog about expecting another soon, but didn’t want to jinx myself. It’s the perfect timing to publish, so you can sneak in a quick read for a little me time. I don’t know about you, but my holiday seasons are not relaxing or quiet. I need a vacation after my Christmas vacation! HA!

Be looking for “Satisfying Him”, a fulfilling daddy/daughter erotica that you all know is my favorite topic. It’s over 12,500 words, with teasing build up. I loved how her new stepdad, Ford, doesn’t tell her to stop but doesn’t exactly encourage her with blatant flirting either. Jeanette takes it upon herself to offer satisfaction to her neglected daddy, and show him they’re perfect for each other. It’s a sexy read!

If you don’t hear from me again before the New Year, happy holidays and warm wishes everyone!






I’m not sure why Amazon stopped giving away Socially Unacceptable for free, but they are no longer price matching my book. :( I woke up this morning and found it’s $0.99! So, if you’d like to read these six books at no cost to you, please ask Amazon to price match by visiting my Socially Unacceptable page and tell them about a lower price using this URL:


Here is the direct link to my book on Amazon:


Thank you!

This title says it all! This book is straight up kinky! I capital L-O-V-E dumb daughter novelettes, and this one is just so hot, hitting all my buttons. The sex is vigorous, sizzling, and at a yummy long length. Now, I hope this doesn’t turn anyone off, but she’s in a teddy bear suit. LOL Yeah! Kinky! Please don’t let that make you think twice about reading this erotica, or you’ll miss out. It’s not exactly lingerie, I know, but I promise I made it sexy the way only a dumb daughter can. It’s playful and funny, because I obviously don’t want anyone taking it too seriously, but the humor doesn’t take away from the heat. In my opinion, it enhances it. If you read it, you’ll love the story!

Also, don’t forget I have a free Christmas story on my website! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I’m so in love with my newest book “Naked Art”. It’s so touching, and not just between the hero and the heroine, but also the heroine and her mom. Not very often, I write something, surprising myself by how emotional the scene becomes. The ending of this short is very sweet. The romance is tender, between Justin and Tiffany, two artists introduced through her mom. I just love to mix devotion with passion in my erotica, and this story has both. Really, everything about this book I love, from the cover to content inside. As always, I did my best to make the sex smoldering hot. You will not be disappointed there! This is a lengthy novella, over 19,000 plus words, and full of nudity, foreplay, and a very wild ride. It will see you through to the big finish and maybe inspire more fantasies of your own.

If you’re curious about the cover and book description, you can see it on my Title Selection page. Happy reading! ;)

Author Nicole Snow emailed me in September, informing me our shared book “Kept Women” has been removed. Apple blocked it, and now the bundle is off every publishing site. Because “Whatever He Wants” belongs to yours truly, I can put my work back up. However, I don’t want to sell this erotica for more than ninety-nine cents; we always meant to make the collaborated work free. Although I won’t publish her story, I will mine. But I plan to make “Whatever He Wants” a Kindle Unlimited book exclusively on Amazon only. :)

If you want to show your support, please pick up a second copy, and don’t forget to read it again! Thank you!

Oh! I almost forgot! My free Christmas story “Getting off Santa’s Naughty List” in now on my website. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s on my Free Short Story page. Happy Holidays!


—Kelsey Charisma


I recently had someone ask for my “Hidden Within” book, which she couldn’t find anywhere. It’s a Halloween story, where a girl goes to a party, and things get crazy. It got me thinking that I should republish this erotica under the original title “The Beast Within (Monster Fetish)” for the month of October only, in honor of the holiday. This might be something I do every year, because who doesn’t like seasonal books? I do!

Keep in mind, this is not a book for everyone. The hero transforms into a werewolf during the act of sex, so some people might find it offensive. Please be aware! However, if that doesn’t bother you, it’s a great book, and got a five-star review when I had the story up for only a short while. I took it down, because like I said it’s not for everyone, and my husband didn’t like the man turning monster. So, please, please, please beware.

Once again, this book will only be up for October! So nab it now if you want to read it! :)



In response to my book Socially Unacceptable reaching number two on Amazon’s top 100 Free Erotica list, I decided I needed to publish as soon as possible. Luckily, I had this jewel just waiting for a good time for me to publish it, and that occasion is now. So, yeah! I wrote a steamy short story called “Gifts for Favors”! Kinky for sure, and so is the story. It’s about an eighteen-year-old girl who likes her adopted daddy giving her gifts in exchange for special requests. Ever since Krissa started this dicker by asking for money for a kiss, and she Frenched him deep, poor Kaynen has been tortured with too much teasing and not enough action. She feels really bad about it. ;)

“Gifts for Favors” is a nice long story with lots of naughty stuff. You’ll love it! I promise! Enjoy the read! And thank you again for leaving reviews on my books! I have the best fans!

—Kelsey Charisma